Why US?

As Kuars Yapı, we have made business partnerships in many projects between the years we were founded and we have started our commercial life in the construction sector through our founder. With the knowledge and experience of our founders, who have years of experience, our number of constructions, which is increasing day by day, continues to grow and develop day by day.


Our company has a history of 9 years. It has undertaken many projects in the construction of factories and residences both in the country and abroad.


Our projects are human and nature oriented. Our basic approach is to produce rational solutions suitable for the project area, where people can live happily.

Solution Oriented

It is essential for us to present our current projects to our valued customers at the time and quality we have committed.

Why US?
Frequently Asked Questions

Having determined what you need in general terms before visiting us will contribute to the acceleration of the project process. The purpose for which the building will be used, how many people it will be designed for and approximately the budget to be used for this work should be determined. In this way, with the questions and directions asked by the architect in the preliminary interview to be held, the existing idea will be more applicable and will meet the needs at the highest level.

  • How Are Architectural Projects Charged?

    Architectural projects; We charge depending on the type, size and scope of the project to be done. The payment schedule is determined in the terms of the contract, depending on the project stages.

  • How can we determine the earthquake risk of our building?

    The necessary studies for the detection of risky buildings are carried out by the General Directorate of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation Services of our Ministry, and detailed information on the subject can be obtained from the General Directorate in question.

  • How is the construction cost determined?

    It is possible to calculate both the approximate cost and the exact cost by examining all the projects according to today's prices (architecture, static, ground survey, electricity, plumbing, elevator). While making the calculation, the cost calculation is made over the quantity made according to the changing economy, taking into account the wishes of the owners.

  • What details should I ask when drawing my projects?

    Before the projects are drawn, all the issues that come to your mind such as how many rooms are needed according to the family structure, how much the total size can be, how the parking needs will be met, the size of the balcony, the number of rooms facing the exterior, the size of the kitchen, and which rooms the balcony will be should be discussed.

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